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(...) Corruption is a vice which is not specific to Cameroon, it is a global phenomenon, but we think a country like ours, which does not have enormous resources, will stand to benefit if we avoid wasting money and other funds. We are determined to go on and we have not only proceeded to arrest some replica officials who are today facing the law, but have also put in place a certain number of structures (...) _/ France 24, 31.10.07
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Fighting Corruption: African Countries of the Commonwealth Share Best Practices

The sixth Annual General Meeting and Conference of Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Commonwealth Africa took place from May 31 to June 4, 2016 in Swakopmund, Namibia. It was an occasion for the anti-corruption crusaders to share best practices in the fight against corruption. The delegation of the National Anti-Corruption Commission of Cameroon to the event was led by the Chairman, Rev. Dr. Dieudonné MASSI GAMS.

Dignitaries at the opening ceremony of the Swakopmund Conference pose with the Namibian Head of State.

The Namibian Head of State (tea cup in hand) with the Chairman of CONAC and the heads (Chair and Vice) of the Namibian ACC.

The Chairman of CONAC took an active part in the conference.

Rev. Dr. Dieudonné MASSI GAMS chairing a plenary session.

A cross section of participants at the Swakopmund Conference.

Over the past six years, heads of anti-corruption agencies of African countries belonging to the Commonwealth have been meeting annually to share ideas. This year’s meeting took place in Swakopmund, Namibia, from the 31st of May to the 4th of June, 2016.
The five-day high profile conference, co-hosted by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Namibia, brought together over 100 participants from 16 countries and international organizations. It was opened by the Head of State of the Republic of Namibia, His Excellency Dr. HANGE GEINGOB. The Statesman enjoined leaders, as well as all civil servants, to gain the trust of the population by ensuring that transparency and accountability reigns. He explained that the formula, Transparency + Accountability = Trust (T+A=T), should be the watchword of any leader. These values, he said, are important for shared, inclusive and sustained economic development needed for poverty alleviation. H.E Dr. HANGE GEINGOB called on members of the private sector, and the public as a whole, to expose corruption by denouncing.
The Namibian Head of State also stressed on the need for international organizations and most especially structures engaged in the classification of nations with regards to corruption, to debunk the hypocrisy and double-speak that paints corruption as a largely developing world, public sector issue. “Corruption is a manifestation of human greed which needs to be rooted out and exposed at all levels”, he said. Dr. HANGE GEINGOB went on to lament at the duplicity of some developed nations that claim to spear head the fight against corruption, yet fuel the ill in African countries through multinational firms that engage in and promote corruption. Some of these developed countries perceived to be relatively corruption-free, he noted, swell their financial systems with proceeds of corruption from developing countries. He also used the occasion to reiterate the fact that the fight against corruption should not be bound to high profile arrests or high profile investigations. Rather, it should focus in preventing corruption from taking place in the first place.
Following the theme of the confab, “Partner Exchanges and Peer-to-Peer Engagements in the Fight Against Corruption”, focus was on skills gathered during inter-agency visits. Deliberations took place in workshops and plenary. The plenary sessions were dedicated to country presentations and exposés by experts from the Commonwealth Secretariat, the African Union Commission, Transparency International, the Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities in Africa, the AU Advisory Board on Corruption and the Caribbean.
The delegation of the National Anti-Corruption Commission of Cameroon, CONAC, led by its Chairman, Rev. Dieudonné MASSI GAMS, presented the benefits of the Integrity Test which CONAC adopted following a study trip to Kenya in 2013. The test is a proactive strategy to fight corruption where people are put under an artificial corruption challenge to see how they would react if it were real.
In the communiqué issued at the end of the meeting, Heads of anti-corruption agencies resolved to reinforce the fight against corruption in their respective countries, while ensuring the integrity and loyalty of their staff. Anti-Corruption agencies were also encouraged to carry out inter-agency bench marking visits to acquired new techniques in curbing corruption.
The next annual meeting has been billed for Malawi in 2017.


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