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(...) Corruption is a vice which is not specific to Cameroon, it is a global phenomenon, but we think a country like ours, which does not have enormous resources, will stand to benefit if we avoid wasting money and other funds. We are determined to go on and we have not only proceeded to arrest some replica officials who are today facing the law, but have also put in place a certain number of structures (...) _/ France 24, 31.10.07
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Cameroon’s 2015 Anti-Corruption Status Report Released

The Report on the state of the fight against corruption in Cameroon was officially published on December 29, 2016, in a highly attended ceremony at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel. The event was presided at by the Chairman of CONAC, Rev. Dr. Dieudonné MASSI GAMS, in the presence of members of the Coordination Committee of CONAC and a host of dignitaries.

Members of the Coordination Committee of CONAC were present at the Annual Report presentation ceremony.

It was a crowd pulling event that brought together people of virtually all walks of life.

5. During his speech, the Chairman of CONAC, Rev. Dr. Dieudonné MASSI GAMS, gave an overview of the accomplishments of CONAC over the past ten years.

6. The Vice Chairman of CONAC, Prof. Francois ANOUKAHA, made a summary presentation of the 2015 Annual Report during the event.
7. Guests listened to the content of the 2015 Cameroon’s Anti-Corruption

Copies of the Report were handed to all those present at the ceremony.

Copies of the Report were handed to all those present at the ceremony.

The National Anti-corruption Commission (CONAC) on Thursday, December 29, 2016 at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel, presented its 6th Annual Report on the state of the fight against corruption in Cameroon. The document was dedicated to anti-corruption activities in Cameroon in the year 2015.
Present at the heavily attended event were members of the CONAC Coordination Committee, who alongside its Chairman, Rev Dr. Dieudonné MASSI GAMS and the Vice Chairman, Professor François ANOUKAHA, reiterated that the National Anti-Corruption Commission was also celebrating the 10th anniversary of its existence. The structure was created by President Paul Biya, Head of State of the Republic of Cameroon, in March 2006.
After the singing of the National Anthem, Rev. Dr. MASSI GAMS presented an exhaustive balance sheet of CONAC’s activities during the past 10 years, with particularly emphasis on the year 2015 (read the Chairman’s speech). The Chairman of CONAC saluted the level of collaboration and solidarity that exists with the other anti-corruption State institutions and the involvement of the civil society through the National Coalition against corruption.
Professor ANOUKAHA Francois in his presentation which focused on the methodology and content of the 2015 Annual Report said their activity in the editorial committee was done through a participative and inclusive approach (read the Vice-Chairman’s presentation).
The invitees present in the hall were also offered the opportunity to pose questions and make suggestions which could help boost the fight against corruption in Cameroon. All the speakers congratulated CONAC for its efforts and exhorted the powers that be to give CONAC absolute powers, including regional representations throughout the national territory, coupled with powers to initiate judicial procedures.
The Chairman of CONAC then proceeded to hand over copies of the 2015 Annual Report (download the full report) to dignitaries present at the event as hostesses gave out the document to all those present at the event. A group photograph and a spontaneous press conference offered by CONAC’s Chairman, Rev. Dr. MASSI GAMS crown the day.


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