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National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)



Hotline 1517

Organisation and Operation

The Commission comprises two organs: the Coordination Committee and the Permanent Secretariat.

The Coordination Committee
Under the authority of the Commission Chairperson, the Coordination Committee is responsible for:

  • establishing direct contacts with Members of Government and heads of public and semi-public services;
  • authorizing missions of Commissioners;
  • ensuring discipline, efficiency and effectiveness of Commission members and staff;
  • preparing an annual programme of activities of the Commission in accordance with its duties; and ensuring the implementation thereof.


Besides the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, the Coordination Committee shall comprise 9 (nine) members chosen from among personalities from the administration and civil society, who have shown proof of integrity in the exercise of their duties and are of good moral conduct.


The Permanent Secretariat
Under the authority of a Permanent Secretary, who shall be the main administrative assistant of the Commission Chairperson, the Permanent Secretariat is responsible for:

  • handling matters of the Commission;
  • coordinating activities of the structures of the commission;
  • ensuring the training and retraining of Commission staff;
  • assisting Commissioners on investigation missions;
  • participating in gathering evidence within the framework of inquires conducted by the Commission;
  • collecting, centralizing and analyzing information and denunciations in respect of corrupt practices, deeds and facts or similar offences;
  • conducting studies on capacity building for anti-corruption bodies;
  • analyzing reports from anti-corruption units in ministries;
  • preparing meetings and drawing up half-yearly and yearly reports of the NACC;
  • monitoring the implementation of Commission recommendations.


The Permanent Secretariat comprises three Divisions and three services:

  • the Investigations Division;
  • the Prevention and Communication Division;
  • the Studies and Cooperation Division;
  • the Mail and Records Service;
  • the General Affairs Service;
  • the Translation Service.