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Anti-Corruption Notices: Border and Strategic towns Covered


The corruption-free public service campaign launched in 2018 by the National Anti- Corruption Commission of Cameroon, CONAC, has touched border localities and remote areas in Cameroon as teams of CONAC workers criss-crossed the Regions, from November o1 to 04, 2021, to affix Anti -Corruption notices and distribute gadgets.

The town of Kyossi, in the Ntem Valley Division, shares borders with Equatorial Guinea and Gabon and has a population estimated at over 45,000 inhabitants. It is here that a team of CONAC workers sojourned on the 1st of November, 2021, to affix anti-corruption boards on walls of buildings hosting public services and to sensitize the population on the importance of fighting corruption.

Workers in public offices, including the Gendarmerie Brigade, the Central Police Station, the Municipal Council, the Customs, the District Hospital, Government Schools, as well as those working with other decentralised services of State Institutions, were sensitized and anti-corruption boards pasted on visible areas in their respective office buildings.

A similar exercise was conducted in Touboro, chief town of Mayo Rey Division in the North Region, which is also a border locality with the Republic of Tchad, Central Africa and Congo Brazzaville, as well as in Tchollire in the same area. An enthusiastic population welcomed the CONAC action with awe. They praised the move of CONAC, which is for the moment based in the Nation’s Capital Yaounde, to meet the population at the grass root level.

Other localities in the Northern part of the Country, notably, Tibati, Ngaoundal, Banyo, Magba, Mayo Darle and Bankim, in the Adamawa Region, were also covered by CONAC teams. In the East Region, the towns of Belabo, Betare-Oya and Abong Mbang have also have their share of anti-corruption notices. In Betare-Oya, a border locality with the Central African Republic, CONAC notices were affixed on administrative buildings, public security posts, Government schools, the District Hospital and the Municipal Council Office.

The Campaign caravan also touched remote areas in the Centre and West Regions, with the teams pasting anti-corruption boards and distributing gadgets notably, ‘the CONAC Newsletter’, ‘Cameroon’s 2020, Anti-Corruption Status Report’, T-shirts and caps, as well as copies of a CONAC hand book titled ‘’ A Decade in the Fight Against Corruption in Cameroon’’. CONAC anti-coruption notices are today visible in the main administrative buildings in the towns of Nanga Eboko, Botmakak, Eseka, Makenene, Tonga, Babadjou and Batie.