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Authorities of the West Region Pledge to Support CONAC


The Bafoussam Caravan of 6thMarch, 2018, presented CONAC’s Chairman Rev. Dr Dieudonné MASSI GAMS, an opportunity to discuss the evolution and enhancement of the fight against corruption in the West Region.

His meeting in audience with some administrative, religious and traditional dignitaries of the Region prior to the caravan, brought to the limelight some of the challenges faced by the authorities in their efforts to eradicate corruption which they acknowledged is detrimental to the nation.

Representing the Governor of the West Region, the Secretary General, Mr ETAPA François Franklin and the Inspector General, Mr EPETE TAZEU Audray proposed measures which they believe will fortify the fight against corruption in the Region. According to both officials, CONAC should revise its methods of intervention in the Regions and work in strict collaboration with the Regional Inspectors General of Services. While reassuring them that attention will be paid to their proposals, the Chairman informed them of an upcoming project which will bring together the Inspectors General of Services, to map out the way forward.

The Government Delegate to the Bafoussam City Council, Mr Emmanuel NZETE and CONAC’S Chairman discussed moves taken by the City Council to fight corruption given that the council’s activities have a direct bearing on the daily lives of the population. Amidst several worries and observations expressed, the Government Delegate suggested that controls should not only be geared towards repression but serve as forums to counsel those in charge of managing public funds.

In his visit to the grand Imam of the Bafoussam Central Mosque, Alhadji AROUNA ABDOULAYE reassured the Chairman of his efforts in entreating his followers to avoid wrong doing not only because it is limiting but also because it is destructive. Meanwhile, his Majesty TCHIO Maurice, King of Bamendjou and President of the Association of Traditional Rulers in the West Region, on behalf of the Association, promised to support the Chairman in his mission.

He decried the fact that the laborious and hardworking people of the West Region are unable to afford for decent living because of corruption, a cry which encouraged the Chairman to call on traditional rulers to act as intermediaries between CONAC and the population.