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Implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy


Major stakeholders of the Littoral Region came up with the 2017 Action Plan during a three-day workshop in Douala.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission of Cameroon, CONAC, from February 15 to 17, 2017 organised a workshop in Douala to evaluate the level of implementation of the Littoral Region Anti-Corruption Plan of Action for 2016 and adopt strategies for 2017.

The event at the Governor’s office was presided at by Mr Njikam Aboubakar, Inspector General of Services for the Littoral Region, in the presence of the Chairman of CONAC, Rev. Dr. Dieudonné MASSI GAMS. It brought together Regional Delegates, Mayors, Legal Authorities such as Magistrates, Lawyers and Notaries, Forces of Law and Order, Custom officials, leaders of Civil Society Organisations, as well as political, traditional and religious dignitaries of the Littoral Region.

During the three-day workshop, participants reviewed activities carried out to combat corruption in 2016, analysed difficulties encountered and earmarked possible actions that could reinforce the fight against corruption in the Littoral Region in the year 2017.

Participants received skills on how to fight against corruption using the PrECIS method which involves the concomitant implementation of actions of Prevention, Education, Conditions, Incentives and Sanctions to curb the ill. They were also drilled on how to identify and break resistance in the fight against corruption, as well as to lead change, reinforce ethics compliance, measure progress and overcome ethical dilemmas.

Prior to the start of the workshop, the Chairman of CONAC was received in audience by the Governor of the Littoral Region, Mr. Samuel Dieudonné IVAHA DIBOUA, who promised to work for the implementation of the 2017 Anti-Corruption Action Plan for his Region.

In effect, the Littoral Region is not doing well in the fight against corruption. It occupied the not-so-enviable last position in the 2016 mid-year evaluation of the ten Regions. Things are however gradually changing as the 19.90% implementation rate of June last year slightly moved up to 32.14% during the evaluation of February 2017.