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Implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy


Major stakeholders of the Littoral Region came up with the 2017 Action Plan during a three-day workshop in Douala.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission of Cameroon, CONAC, from February 15 to 17, 2017 organised a workshop in Douala to evaluate the level of implementation of the Littoral Region Anti-Corruption Plan of Action for 2016 and adopt strategies for 2017. Read more “Implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy”

Authorities of the West Region Pledge to Support CONAC


The Bafoussam Caravan of 6thMarch, 2018, presented CONAC’s Chairman Rev. Dr Dieudonné MASSI GAMS, an opportunity to discuss the evolution and enhancement of the fight against corruption in the West Region.

His meeting in audience with some administrative, religious and traditional dignitaries of the Region prior to the caravan, brought to the limelight some of the challenges faced by the authorities in their efforts to eradicate corruption which they acknowledged is detrimental to the nation. Read more “Authorities of the West Region Pledge to Support CONAC”

CONAC Boss Implores Women to be Role Models


The main point on Women’s Day celebrations at CONAC was a talk on the theme: “Gender equality and women’s empowerment, meeting the challenges and overcoming the obstacles”.

The celebration of the 33rd edition of the International Women’s Day at CONAC on March 08, 2018, was memorable for the female staff. They bridged all hierarchical and gender barriers to commune in oneness with their male colleagues. Clad in their 2018 Women’s Day fabric offered by the Institution, the ladies had a swell time, as they feasted in celebration of womanhood and her accomplishment over the centuries. Read more “CONAC Boss Implores Women to be Role Models”

CONAC Reaches Out to Youths at Commonwealth Camp


The National Anti-Corruption Commission of Cameroon, CONAC, took an active part in activities that marked the celebrations of the 2018 edition of the Commonwealth Day in Cameroon.

The biggest shot was at the Commonwealth Camp organised at the National Museum in Yaounde on the 6th and 7th of March, 2018. CONAC occupied a stand at the event. Visitors received information on the activities of CONAC and how they can play an active role in the fight against corruption. Sensitization gadgets such as the CONAC Newsletters, information brochures and flyers were handed to all visitors to the stand. Copies of Cameroon’s Anti-Corruption Status Report for 2016 were also offered to some guests.

Read more “CONAC Reaches Out to Youths at Commonwealth Camp”

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